• Saying that we have x-number of collective years of marketing experience is not only ‘so last decade’, but that would just be showing off. We prefer to simply get on with proving how our marketing talents, skills and experience can benefit you.

    Our team has worked together for many years and each one of us is particularly capable in our respective areas of expertise.

We all share the same vision – which is to offer a standard of service (or an end-result if you will) that is truly outstanding and unlikely to be found elsewhere, to always remain highly personalised in how we support our clients and ultimately, to enjoy every minute of the work that we do every day.
We will probably get more excited about your project than you will – consider yourself forewarned. Like the proper nerds that we are, nothing makes our day more than a piece well written, a design that looks amazing or a lead generation project that has just pulled in hundreds of requests. We’ll party to that stuff!

Our strength literally lies in this amazing team

Our services fall into four key categories which cover all the marketing services you need from A to Z.


From something as simple as a meeting with you and some sage advice, to a full-blown Marketing Strategy – we base all the work we do on aligning with a vision and achieving a business goal.


Need words? We’ll write them. From company names and bylines, to company profiles, articles, brochures, social media posts, tender documents and search engine optimised website content – our copywriters will craft all the words you need.


Looking for a visual expression of your business? From a logo to a website, brochures, email stationary, letterheads, social media, event stands, product design and everything else you can think of – our graphic design and website design team will help you shine!


If you can’t get in front of your potential customers, what’s the point of marketing? Including all digital marketing strategies – from Search Engine Optimisation, to Google Ads, Social Media Ads and more – we’ll help you drive the sales you need!
Based in Cape Town, South Africa, LKD is a full-service marketing collaboration of professional creatives, providing marketing agency support to small and medium size businesses, as well as individuals, across all industries. We aim to provide an A-Z marketing service that is individualized and affordable, while growing with clients that value the positive impact an investment in really good marketing tools will have on their sustainability and bottom line.
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